Cancellation And Refund Policy

How to return the Colorpik pen :

If you do not love our products for any reason within 30 days of purchase, we will refund your 100% of the purchase price , providing the product is returned in the original undamaged box, the product is undamaged and in its original condition. We also accept the return of products that are defective due to defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship for 30 days from the date of purchase. Fulfillment mistakes that we make resulting in the shipment of incorrect product to you will also be accepted for return 30 days from the date of purchase. Returns for any other reason are subject to a 25% restocking fee providing the product(s) is unopened and in their original condition. A 50% restocking fee will be incurred if the product(s) are not in their original condition, are damaged, or are missing parts. The product must be shipped back in its original undamaged box. Once the product has been returned and inspected the return will be processed. All returns must be pre-approved and have a Colorpik Pen issued RTV number clearly written on the outside of the box. #how to buy Colorpik pen# #Is Colorpik pen real ?#


How to order and cancel the order of the Colorpik pen :

We take a one-time up-front, non-creditable, non-refundable payment for all confirmed orders, inclusive of shipping charges, as and where applicable. Since our products are currently in the order phase and all user contributed funds collected from these orders will be contributed towards further manufacturing of the products, we are unable to provide any cancellation or refund of the order amount after your order has been placed and confirmed. However, once your received your Colorpik pen and found it’s not working, you can just request for a replacement or refund. # Corlorpik Pen Refund # #Colorpik Pen Return #

You are ordering a product with ongoing improvements. While we have taken all possible measures to accurately describe the product and associated terms and conditions, we reserve the right to change and/or update any or all of the above, including but not limited to product price, shipping cost and shipping timeframe any time after receiving your order and before attempting delivery. You will be duly notified of any changes as and when it takes place. # Buy Colorpik Pen #

Once you have received the pen and find it’s not working, you can contact to get further information about return and replacement.