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Colorpik Pen can copy colors from any natural objects and draw / scribble on the PAPER and digital screen. Color in your favorite pics. Make photos more special by turning them into masterpieces. RGB color inside the pen-like 4 ink cartridges includes C(Cyan), M(Magenta), Y(Yellow), T(Transparency) which will be mixed and produce more than 16 million colors. The ink cartridges can be refilled once they are running out.

We also provide APPs(IOS/Android) to store, exchange, and customize colors. You can just connect the pen to the cell phone(or pad) by Bluetooth. It has 4 tips (sharpen, round, marker, ball-point) which is exchangeable. It also contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for long time usage. Our color copying pen specializes in custom printing, drawing, posters, mailing & more.

It’s the best Christmas / New Year gift of 2021 for kids and young guys. which is cool with black technologies.

Get your color pick pen and have fun today !

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Main Features

The Colorpik pen can draw in their favorite colors in many different ways including; Line, Line, Line, Line, Line, Line, Line, Line, Border, Line, Line, Line, Line, Line,. Capture color and draw Capture the colors from the world around you to share in a digital palette. Draw in different colors and styles with the pen to create your own content with the vast color palette.

16 MILLION COLORS: The Color Pick Pen is a pen that allows you to write with 16 million colors.

MULTIPLE PEN TIPS: The Color Pick Pen is perfect for all your coloring needs. The pens have multiple tips, so you can use your favorite one. Pick up your favorite color and start writing. Product features: Multiple pen tips.

REFILLING INK: The Color Pick Pen is the perfect pen for any artist, designer, or creative thinker. Its refillable ink can be replaced so you never have to worry about running out of ink. Colorpik is a pen with a refillable ink cartridge that allows you to pick a specific color in a variety of colors.

CAPTURE COLOR AND DRAW: The Color Pick Pen is a great tool to capture colors and create. This pen is a favorite among artists and design lovers everywhere. This pen has a sleek, lightweight design that fits comfortably in the hand. The pens are great for capturing color and then drawing. Scribble color pens are available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any need.

APPS: way to spur creativity and start exploring all the possibilities. This Color Pick Pen has a very unique and fun way of picking the perfect color. It has an app for both IOS and Android. It allows you to pick the right color fast and easily.

10 reviews for Colorpik Pen

  1. Todd Alfred

    At first I was kind of expecting to be disappointed because of the stuff I learnt this pen can do. The reviews were good to be true. But I was really NICELY surprised.
    It performed flawlessly the very first time I tried it. And no fuss connection was made to my Ipad and away I went writting and drawing on my ipad.This Colorpik pen works great and is a good quality product that I didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on. Great battery saver and no guessing.
    This deal is a steal. Very HAPPY WITH THIS PURCHASE. SO PERFECT !!!!!!

  2. Cooper Ryan

    When I first received this magic color pick pen I thought it would be mediocre and its different from any pen I know. It’s actually different from what I expected, it’s built quite nicely and nothing like the other pens on the market. Throughout using this product it’s main competitor was the Apple Pencil and the results are actually better than you might think.

    One particular thing is, in my quest to go paperless, the COLORPIK Pen is adding tremendously to my iPad experience. I would give this 16 million colors pen 6 stars if I could. Great function at a fraction of the name brand price. Highly recommend.

  3. Jay Simons

    Once I decided to get a new pen for Christmas gift to my kids, I really wanted something different and unique. I got the COLORPIK Pen because of the scanned and a paint intelligence of this pen. And when it finally arrived my new pen it worked amazingly. I can work on my editing and painting works and my kid can also play with it by painting his homework on his iPad.

    It has incredible accuracy, longevity, and is truly so easy to use. I do graphic design and so its really important that I have a super high quality pen for my iPad, and this Color Pick Pen is certainly that! Not to mention the customer service was wonderful, they’ve checked in on me multiple times to make sure its working effectively.

  4. Davis Woods

    I don’t get impress easy, but this color scanning pen is wonderful so far and l would go as far as to say, impressive. I have been holding off getting a pen for my daily work for a while.Then i came across this pen. I asked a friend who is far more tech waved, (Computer Science Major) what he thought of it and he said it marvelous.So I pulled the trigger on it given the price point and other good reviews. I am glad l got this pen as l mentioned earlier. Anyways, its great and i would highly recommend it.

  5. Waleed Toms

    Got this color capturing pen last night and already love it. Great value, my daughter has been coloring for hours and I can’t get it away from her. If you get to far away from the iPad its still able to function as it was close. That’s is really incredible.No hassle getting it to connect with my ipad it just started working. This is my first time to ever have a a smart pen and I would totally buy another one. It charges fast and battery life is superb. Spending my money on this Scribble pen was not a disappointment.

  6. Fernandez Lynn

    I love it, great and the price relatively ok. I have a real apple pencil and after comparing, I will always choose the Colorpik pen. It works perfectly on all my devices and I don’t need do any settings before it connects.

    The battery life is amazing. For painting, for drawing and writing if prefer to use this pen. Again, provides the ability to add a level of detail to artwork and photo editing. The clean style is delightful and makes working much better. Overall super nice and I would recommend.

  7. Dreem Wages

    I was stunned at how much battery such a small pen can hold, second is the quality. When I was first told about this color copying pen I did not expect much quality from it also did not believe it was real but really it’s so durable and you can truly use it without it being damaged easily, plus it works as described.Of course every product has its plus and delta, the plus to this coloring pen was the availability of products it can be use on. There’s NO limit to the versions of Apple iPads and Android that you can use this pen on and the black technology pen offers good pressure sensitivity and great line work. Anyways, its great and i would highly recommend it.

  8. Kane Williams

    Comfortable when holding it. Easy to use, easy to connect and charging is easy, fast charging and battery life is longer. I used it to draw, paint and write some notes on my iPad.And so far so good easy to use no complicated setup required as I said already. It is made with good materials not feeling cheap at all. Can also use it with all my programs with ease. Would definitely recommend!

  9. Adiaga Bilen

    I like this Color Pick Pen soo much I decided to write a review on my reflection. First, it’s easy to use with a high precision on any sketches or painting you make. Another good thing is how smooth it is to write. Definitely worth the money and can’t wait to use it for my future animations.It also does exactly what I needed it to do and my son liked it very much and he started making sketches using this color pen. I will highly recommend this Colorpik pen, It is a good buy.

  10. Celina Frankie

    Just love this smart color pen. The diameter is great and it feels too good when you it. Just as described it actually does what ever is on the manual. Scan and color, sync with either ISO or Android. The battery life frankly amazing.

    I think the Color pick pen is better pen than the other I have being using earlier and perfect for design space! Overall super nice and I would recommend. Very happy thank you!

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